MyCloud slow speeds with Asus ac66u and Mac OS X (read <5MB/s, write <3MB/s)

Hello guys.

I just bought MyCloud and I have a problem with wireless speed.

My config is:

Mycloud connected to Asus ac66u router with ethernet cable from the package. Router is set to N+ac on 5GHz and N on 2,4GHz and is placed in same room as my mac. 

I am connected to my router from my macbook pro early 2013. Ethernet LEDs are green on the back of MyCloud.

Transfer speeds are like this:

I assume those transfer rates are way too slow, right? Where should I look to improve my transfer speeds? I know there are tons of other topics about speed, but I could’t find any solution.

Thanks in advance


Hi Diwad, do you access the NAS through Windows/SMB shares? You can try transferring files from another location and compare the transfer speed, this will help you narrow down the cause of the problem. 

MAC OS Finder doesn’t display transfer speed, thats why I used blackmagic software. Now it looks a bit better.

What I did was to change my wireless network settings. I changed 2,4GHz network to 40MHz and 5GHz network to 80MHz (which should be used for ac standard, but works for me on N).

Should I be getting any better speeds on my config?

Hi again, these numbers look a lot better, note that your transfer speed will depend on your network setup. You can try following some of the recommendation on the following link to improve your transfer rate. 

When transferring large files to or from a Personal Cloud drive, performance may be slower than expected