MyCloud Signin Stuck - Help!

Hey guys, ive recently become the proud owner of a MyCloud. The only problem im having is when i use the mycloud website to sign in and view my files online… i sign in and the page just freezes on ‘signing in’ as demonstrated in the printscreen.

This happens in both google chrome and firefox. I have fast internet (100mb down, 15meg up). The mycloud is in my office. When on the office network, it works fine, however when i come back home and try to connect over the internet i always get this problem. The app on my phone however works fine wherever i am. Any ideas/help would be much appreciated! :smiley:


What router are you using? OnHub?
The “singing in” that you see has not reached your My Cloud device yet.
The the DNS solutions in the following KBA as root cause can be the same

Wow thanks for replying so quick! I think i just figured it out, i turned off the AdBlock extension and it worked straight away. I cant believe it was something so simple, although i dont know why the adblock thought that the content from mycloud was ‘advertising’…