MyCloud service will be activated automatically

Hi there, I have just noticed, that the MyCloud service is on, although i did switch it off.
I am using the NAS to store my photos when i am in my home network (WLAN or VPN). I do not need to connect by Internet with the MyCloud service.
I also noticed, that whenever i start the MyCloud app on my smartphone, the service is switching from off to on.
This seems to be an intended behaviour from WD …
But for me this is no option. Is there an alternative app for mobilephones to automatically store photos/files?

The mobile app requires cloud access to be turned on in your My Cloud NAS. Not sure the specific photo use case you have but if just for local SMB access, there are 3rd party photo apps in the app store that can access photos in the NAS via SMB. Here is an example:

Ah, thank you very much. I will try this app immediately.

So, now I have a suitable solution.

  • MyCloud service switched off
  • MyCloud app deinstalled
  • smb service switched on
  • photosync app installed instead
    This works fine for me.

Thanks jchen

After i have learned, that the MyCloud app activates the MyCloud service in the NAS automacally (although the admin did deactivate it), I am wondering, If the MySync app does the same?
Does the MySync app also require the MyCloud service on the NAS?

Not sure what you mean by the My Sync app. But if you mean the “WD Sync” app that WD provides then yes it will enable the cloud access connection to the My Cloud for communication as it can work remotely. Hope this helps.