MyCloud Security

2 factor auth please.

Send us an SMS code or use services like Google Authenticator.



Thanks! :smile: :smile:

this is an important feature, it’s a must-have feature.

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All access to WD cloud services shall include 2FA as an option, a simple user/pwd is extremely weak and easy to break nowadays.

It is very worrying My Cloud access via internet has been there for years and this feature has not been implemented by WD yet… Does WD really care about users Personal Cloud Data to be secured? It shouldn’t be so difficult to offer, no matter if though Authenticator App, SMS, or any other approach.

All Cloud data providers offers this option since time ago, such as MS, DropBox, Apple, Amazon…

Hi all,

WD listens to their customers… but not actively I would say. Here you are the answer I got from official support about this strong security on their personal cloud products:

[…] we appreciate your feedback in regards our products, we cannot predict the release of a product of feature, please continue to follow our community for news and updates […]

So that’s it, take it into consideration whenever you asses to buy a WD product vs other vendors, and if you appreciate your privacy, consider twice before enabling your data exposure to the WD cloud.

What the hell did it mean “acknowledge”???

Years after the requests and nothing implemented. No single service in the Internet today a bit serious on accounts integrity authentication is missing this important capability like multi factor authentication.

Reviving this topic! What is with 2FA? It’s a standard nowadays!