MyCloud safepoint target keeps changing its name

My USB-connected My Book keeps changing its name on the MyCloud folder list. This seems to happen every time there is a power failure. When MyCloud and My Book reboot, MyCloud shows the connected My Book as My_Book_4 (or whatever number is next). This then cancels the creation of safepoints on the MyCloud because it can’t find the previously named MyBook target. I now have My_Books numbered 1-5 on the directory list, and none of them can be deleted. I have to keep going in and make a new safepoint-creation scheme each time this happens. Any ideas?

FIrst, if using a v4.x My Cloud, update to the latest firmware released yesterday. It may fix the USB drive name issue.

Second, its a well known and discussed issue that can be found by doing a subforum search using the magnifying glass icon upper right. The workaround for the previous firmware version(s) was to remove/eject the USB hard drive using the My Cloud Dashboard, then access the Shares page within the Dashboard and remove/delete all instances of the USB drive name. Then reattach the USB hard drive to the My Cloud, and while still on the Dashboard Shares page select the USB drive name and rename the Share back to the original USB drive name.

Here are just a few past threads on this issue:

Thanks for such a quick reply. I did try to find a related thread using the search feature, but apparently didn’t use the right combination of keywords. I’ll give it a try.

Later: I was able to delete the phantom drive/share names and have a new safepoint scheme enabled. Hopefully it will work out. Thanks for your help.

I just made a reboot of my 4tb nas with 4(four) Usb3 HD connected to the USB3 ports giving 4 ekstra shares. None of the HD shares was duplicated in share names, I though have to restart one of the HD that was not mounted again.