MyCloud - Safepoint Error “Invalid State”

Hello everybody,

I wanted to create my FIRST safepoint of 1.3TB stored on a MyCloud. At 99 % (48 hours running time ) this message apperas:

"This safe point is in state to invalid , try updating to fix the problem ."

After clicking on “Update” it starts again at 0 % , and the safepoint creation hangs up after a few minutes .

But what I’ve read so far it’s a known issue .

WD MyCloud 6TB , connected with Gigabit LAN to MacBook Pro
WD Elements Desktop 4TB , directly connected via USB 3.0 to WD MyCloud
Mac OS X 10.11.4
Latest firmware on MyCloud

Apparently still probably really 99 % have been copied to the external disk ( in safepoint folder ) , maybe even 100 % ? I can not proof quickly due too many folders with many subfolders.

Anybody and can help / provide a solution?

And should I delete the current safepoint and create a new safepoint? But then have to wait 49 hours again …

Perhaps it would be best to contact WD Support about this. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.

Hi Michael. I know this post is quite old. But I am facing the same issue. I have done 2 attempts with both failing at different completion %. One at 26% and the second at 75% . I am currently running the third safepoint. I am also praying and crossing my fingers.
I have 3 TB of data to backup.
Did you find an alternative solution to this ??