MyCloud restarting

Recently there was a power surge and my power adapter for MyCloud burnt. I have replaced it with another adapter which is not from WD but has similar power rating. 12V and 2 Amp. The drive is working fine and I can access my data. However I keep getting alert saying that drive has restarted every hour or so…

Can I see a log of reason or restart?

Edit - Fw v04.05.00-315

Where are you getting the alert?

Have you checked the My Cloud Dashboard Notifications/Alert icon () to see what Notifications/Alerts are being generated? You can manually delete the notifications listed in the MY Cloud Dashboard Notification/Alert section.

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Hello Bennor. Thanks for the reply. II am getting alert at two locations. One is the desktop computer which says Cloud restarted and when I log in to the drive the alt icon too says the same.
However today morning I noticed that the drive was on (blue light static) but I was not able to access it either through mobile or desktop. Though I was able to ping it.
I had no option but to physically unplug it and waited for 5 min before switching it on.
Now I checked the alert icon and it says system restart Code 2001. I wonder where is the problem. There is no reason for it to hang.
Any debug I can do to check why it hanged?

My guess would be since you replaced the power adapter with one that is different (even though it may appear similar) the My Cloud is restarting. I would suggest you contact WD directly to see if you can order a power adapter specific for your My Cloud unit.

It is also possible that when the original power adapter went bad it caused damage to the My Cloud unit. Leading to the random restarts.

Dear Bennor

I had another set of adapter which is SMPS based and has similar rating. I have connected that adapter today afternoon. Will wait for 24 hrs before I home on to the problem…
Thanks for the response.

I think the problem was in the power adapter. There must be an issue with the current handling capacity of the adapter and hence it was restarting. After replacing with another adapter of a higher rating (2500ma) the drive has been running so far without any restarts… Thanks for the support