MyCloud PR4100 Set Up Issue (First Bay Red Solid Light)


Hi all,

I just got a new PR4100 but had trouble setting it up. I opened the first bay accidentally and now when I closed it that one drive no longer seems to connect. It’s giving me a solid red light.



The drive is probably fine and simply needs to be reinitialized. Try following the procedure for installing a new drive and see if that helps.


You could also first try re-seating the drive in the bay, when off, of course.


I tried that multiple times and also did a reset ( No luck.
I’m a little hesitant about opening up their other bays to tinker around more cos that’s how the red light in the first bay appear in the first place :\


Wipe the drive first (but don’t check secure wipe checkbox) -
Then create a new volume on it or add it to an existing volume.


Performing a reset is unlikely to do anything in this case. I own a PR4100 and have experienced this issue, where reinitializing the drive volume (from the Storage section of the dashboard) fixed the problem.