MyCloud PR2100 Rebuilding Volume - Red power LED & No progress for almost a day

Have a PR2100 with 2 x 8TB. One drive threw a bad drive warning light. B&H had a good price on a pair of 12TB Red drives, so I decided to upgrade. The new drives arrived Wednesday afternoon. I pulled the bad drive and inserted the new one. Upon restart, the rebuild started.

It is now Friday morning. Rebuild is at 39% and has been since sometime yesterday. Also, the power button LED is red. The web UI shows a “failed firmware upgrade” as recently as this morning. Apparently, I had automatic updates on. I’ve turned that off.

Update: After more than a day at 39%, it is now at 61%. Power light is still red.

12 hours later, it is still at 61%, nearly three days after I started this rebuild. How long can I expect this to last? Is there a problem?

Now at 83% for the last 24 hours.

Update: Disk 1 finished late Sunday night. That’s starting on Wednesday, finishing 4.5 days later. Disk 2 started late Sunday night, will be finished by noon at this rate, taking a little over 12 hours.