MyCloud Portal Concerns

Hi Guys,
I’ve recently got a brand new wd my cloud ex2 ultra device and I’m pretty much satisfied with it so far apart from a minor issue I need to address and that I’ll rise a specific post about.

The question here is simple: what if the WD guys decide to turn off the light? I mean would we be able to access our My Cloud files when on the outside? As far as I’ve got reading the internet, the answer should be no as to access the mycloud service we have to connect to their portal and put down email and password (which are btw stored on their server I guess…), but there’s no direct link to our NAS actually at that stage. And I also am still curious how the link is established afterwords as I do not put down any dynamic DNS or fixed ip\port combination pointing to my NAS…

I mean, if this is the final answer, the problem will be of an easy fix as you should connect to your home network via vpn and then go crunching with your files load as if you were at home. But then the wd mycloud service would be totally useless.

In addition, a customer who goes for a NAS solution is the one who wants to get independent from third party storage websites and fees and so therefore I see no advantages for customers why they still force us to access their portal to access MY nas…

Is there eventually any other way to set up the MyCloud web\app service not passing for their website first?

Hope to be totally wrong on what I said above btw…

Thanks :slight_smile:

note that there is a specific subforum for the My Cloud EX2 series of devices. They have additional features and options beyond that of the single bay My Cloud, the general subject of this subforum (My Cloud).

The EX2 series may have additional options that allow for remote access beyond the limited methods supported by the single bay My Cloud. Most if not all My Cloud models support the insecure FTP protocol for access. One can configure this option, and set up port forwarding within their router, to allow for remote access using FTP.

Because the multi bay My Cloud models support installing third party modules its possible someone (I think there was a recent post/thread on this issue) has created a module allowing for a VPN connection with the My Cloud.

Or better yet, one can setup a VPN to create a VPN tunnel to their local network to gain access to the My Cloud. By using a VPN connection one is not forced to rely on the web portal or the WD software/apps for remote access.