MyCloud Personal minor bug? Timestamp in "system restart" notification wrong

Using a MyCloud Personal (3TB model, firmware v04.01.04-422). I notice that whenever I power-up or reboot the device, a “system has restarted” notification message is generated (viewed in the Dashboard - I am not using email notifications).

However, the date/time stamp of that notification is wrong, and for my time zone GMT (Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London) the date/time stamp is eight hours in the future. It is as if there is a hard-coded (Far East) timezone applied when generating that message.

Not seen any other notifications so don’t know if the problem only affects the “system has restarted” one or would affect all of them…

Time sync. by NTP is enabled, using the default NTP server ( and appears to be working - device’s clock shown in the dashboard (Settings | General) is correct.

So, IMO a minor bug that needs to be added to the “fix list” for a future firmware update?

I have attached a screen-grab from the dashboard, showing one of the “wrong” notification messages + the device’s timezone settings etc.



My interpretation of the behaviour, like yours, is that the software reports the time before it applies the user time zone setting.

A firmware upgrade appears to set the time and time zone to that of the firmware build…

Thanks for the reply…

Regardless of how the device handles the time internally or where in the world the firmware was written, I believe that the time stamps in notifications should always be in the user’s local time (properly taking account of the chosen timezone), or in UTC (and if in UTC, marked clearly as such).

So IMO definitely a bug



 time stamps in notifications should always be in the user’s local time (properly taking account of the chosen timezone), or in UTC

I agree.

 So IMO definitely a bug

I agree.

Remember; I don’t work for WD. Almost no-one posting here works for WD. Bugs are not our fault…

I wasn’t blaming anyone here for bugs; I posted here because I thought that  there might be moderators or WD staff lurking who would pass bug reports on to those that need to see them (a few product forums for other stuff I have _do_ work that way…).

But if a posting here is unlikely to be seen by anyone who would put the bug on the “fix list” I’ll see if I can report it by another means (hopefully without the cost of a long-distance phone call or having to purchase a support “ticket” up-front)!



The timestamp notification has more errors:

In the safepoint profile I have defined a update every day at 2 AM.

In the safepoint profile the latest update is reported as "Updated On Monday, September 21, 2015 2:00:11 AM ".

But the notification says:

Your safepoint was updated successfully. (4)
Monday, September 21, 2015 11:00:43 AM

Two points: earlier messages of this kind are overwritten, this was the 4th and an erroreous timestamp of 9 hours later is reported.