MyCloud Personal 2TB - no access via local network

Hi - I bought the MyCloud Personal 2TB drive many years ago and have all my family photos etc. stored on it. It was working fine until support for OS3 ended, and since then, I’ve not been able to access any of the files stored on it via my local network.

I turned it off and left it disconnected for a while, but I’ve reconnected it to my router and tried accessing the files on it again and still cannot. When powered up, the yellow light displays (solid), then goes off after a few minutes, so there is no light on the front. The unit shows up on my network - when I click on it, I’m taking to an online log-in page, but it when I enter my credentials, it says they are incorrect.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, can you provide any suggestions, or a link to a relevant thread? If I don’t get the files off it, I’ll lose all my family photos :frowning:

No, I haven’t had any such problems. You can’t use the old MyCloud software any longer to access files, you have to use windows explorer. Have you tried mapping the network drive? You may need to turn on SMB1 to see the NAS.

The fact that you can access the dashboard suggests the blue LED on the drive has burned out.