MyCloud OS3

Sorry for posting to this new topic but I didn’t want to revive (quite) old topics with similar question.
I just bought a MyCloud EX2 based an all PR info I found about OS3 on the Internet. Now I wanted to make a Docker image for my NAS and just found out it hasn’t OS3 and thus no Docker despite what’s stated on the PR and other news websites. I want to know when this version is expected to hit MyCloud EX2 NAS or at least there should be some clear statement somewhere that this product won’t get Docker.


Hi @unai_i

Docker is available on EX2100/4100, DL2100/DL4100, Mirror Gen.2 and on EX2 Ultra (available since yesterday).

EX2 with its Marvell ARMADA 370 Singlecore is not able to host Docker.

Thank you for the reply. The information on the Internet and the the PR from WD is quite misleading on this.
I will check if I can go for a refund as that was one of the main use cases for the NAS after storage.