MyCloud OS3

I keep seeing references to the new MyCloud OS 3. I’ve installed all the latest firmware. How do I download and install the new OS?

If you have updated to the latest My Cloud firmware (v04.04.01-112) then you have the OS 3 firmware.

OS 3 was basically a collection of updated apps (mobile apps and desktop software), updated remote access website, updated firmware, updated WD My Cloud Dashboard user interface, with some new features added (and one feature, remote drive mapping, taken away) throughout.


‘OS3’ is largely marketing puff.

It’s also a stupidly-chosen bit of marketing puff, because the ‘OS’ bit doesn’t (I don’t think) stand for ‘Operating System’, which, in the context of a bit of computer-related hardware, is what most people will expect it to mean…

So it’s not surprising that many users are a bit confused by this name, and think there’s some operating system they have to download.

The choice of not making the new firmware (operating system…) a major version change (e.g. to v5) is a bit odd, too, IMHO, since it appears to be a major reworking of the guts of the firmware (judging by image size) and associated access apps.

But then I’m an engineer, not a marketeer…

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That’s a nice way of putting it. :laughing:

Its funny that they (WD) hyped it up and yet there are still people posting threads asking what it is weeks after its been released. Marketing confusion accomplished… {face palm}

Of course this vaunted “OS 3” and WD2Go/ site redesign also introduced some new issues (like changing permissions on the public folder), took away at least one often used feature (remote drive mapping) by quite a few, and “fixed” one bug that some used to lock down the Public Share which thanks to OS 3 can no longer be done. Step forward? Step backward? Everyone has their own opinions. LOL

I’m not sure what you mean by the image size? The file root.img is the exact same size in 112 as in 422. There is a few bytes different on some of the files used to install the firmware. I have extracted the files from the rootfs.img files for versions 303,307,308. If you do a sum -r on each version and diff the results there is no difference. Which leads me to believe what ever the changes from version 303 to 307 and 308 are not in the rootfs.img. There is a big difference between 422 and 303 rootfs.img sums.


I’m not sure what you mean by the image size?

The .deb file is a lot smaller. It has been since the first ‘OS3’ release (4.04.00-303).

Maybe they just weeded out a lot of fluff from that, and left the actual installed image pretty much unchanged.

Oh, and the V5 thing would be sensible, given the step change* in functionality (removal of wd2go, removal of remote mapping, adding REST API).

  • note I used ‘change’; not ‘upgrade’.