Mycloud OS3 4.4.27 android-app VERY SMALL THUMBNAILS

Has anyone an idea why the thumbnails of the photos on my p30pro are so small.
They are only about 6x6 millimeters big.
And i find no possibility to make them bigger.neither in the app nor in the system app settings.
Mostly they are really too small to judge…


WD support is that bad, that every time i think it is not possible to become worse next time… i get always told better.

They dont read what you say and what you ask for… They shoot out predefined answers that mostly have nothing to do with what you asked for. I feel like they want to stop you, not help you in any way. I referenced with a link to this article here !

See this chronology of the help i got:

1: not seen??

Please refer to the following article for further troubleshooting steps:
Title: Thumbnails are not seen in the My Cloud OS 3 mobile app or

2: mycloudmirror support??

Technical Support for WD My Cloud Mirror has ended and is no longer covered under our software support lifecycle. You may continue to use your product and related applications.

3: desktop app??

We would like to inform you My Cloud Desktop App End of Support. please refer the following article:
Title: My Cloud Desktop App End of Support

4: the support person changed here and it seemed to get better at first glance !

We would like to inform you to please share the screenshot and sample of the image, so that we can escalate the issue and find for alternative.

5: 2 to 3 days for WHAT??

We would like to inform you issue has been escalated and it will be taking 2 to 3 business days.

No explanation what will happen in 2 to 3 business days, nothing more said here. The explanation ended like this on 6.feb.2021.

My god what can i say. I think all this speaks for itself.
One sentence that for example it is not possible and it maybe will also not be in the future would have been quite better.