MyCloud OS 5 - EX2 Ulta - Standby mode not working

I noticed that the stand-by mode never goes up, even if nothing is connected to the NAS (EX2 Ultra). Before this update the stand-by mode works grate.

Current version (latest available from my dashboard) = 5.04.114

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Same problem at my EX4100.

@thatspeppe @Hapebb have you contacted support and provided the system logs of your My Cloud?
If case, can I have your case numbers?

If the EX2 is still Indexing…the drives will not go into Standby mode

I noticed the same behavior with my device. I also own a My Cloud EX2 Ultra

Thanks for reply. No, my Cloud isn’t indexing anymore and still not standby.
Yesterday i received the last update to 5.05.111
I’ll check if the problem seems to be solved and I’ll update thist thread

After the last update (5.05.111) the device seems to go in standby mode, so for the moment we can say that this issue has been solved.