MyCloud OS 5 (Android) is remove info from images during backup

Hi all,

Yesterday I found, that “MyCloud OS 5” [v4.13.0.1835] start to backup files again. It’s creating copy of file with name like “<original_filename>_1.<original_extension>”. At first glance it looks same, but then I compare binary content, I found that files are not the same as on phone. At least GPS tags are removed during backup.

From my point of view, backup is coping same file as on original storage. Any changes in files are called processing, but definitely not backup.

I couldn’t find how could I disable it, if it’s possible to do it somewhere?

and two less important questions:

  1. Is it possible to backup file with preserve original timestamp? Currently I need to run small utilities, which extract and change timestamp based on EXIF date. But I guess it’s much easier to do it automatically.
  2. Am I understand correctly, that in OS5 I couldn’t backup any files except images or videos to my EX4100 in manual or auto mode? In OS 3 I couldn’t do it automatically, but at least I could upload files manually. If it’s so, then it’s very disappointing.
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Stil not fixed. The device is totaly useless for me with this issue. >:c(