MyCloud only reachable in DMZ / Default Host

Hi there…

There´s a problem with my mycloud.

I´m double NATed by my provider, so I can only use “relay” :frowning: but that´s okay for me.

The problem is: I can´t connect (not via iPhone or other PCs) to my device, after it´s online for a while…

in the dashboard it´s always: relay established.

only when I put my device in the DMZ (or for my apple router: default host) I can reach it everytime… but I don´t want to leave the MC unprotected by the firewall.

Portforwarding 80 and 443 as wel as 1094 won´t help… The MyCloud alway said: relay connected, but is unreachable from outside my network… like I said: in DMZ no problem.

Can someone pls give me an advice?

best regards from berlin

Double NAT?   Is there any chance your ISP can allow bridge mode on THEIR NAT device?

I’m not sure how Cloud will work in ANY double-NAT environment -without- putting it in the DMZ.

yeah, it’s double NAT, but I hope relay mode will keep working even with doubleNAT.
there is no chance that my ISP will let down this horrible thing…

is telay in doubleNAT a problem too???

how safe is it to put the my cloud in DMZ? public folder is empty, so there are no data…

I’m not sure, really.   All I know is that, in Relay mode, your Cloud is supposed to open a private VPN tunnel into WD’s servers.   As long as that VPN works and the tunnel is working, relay should work regardless of NAT.  

It’s not really safe to put ANYTHING in a DMZ unless you really know what you’re doing – your Public folder might be empty, but (for example) I could fill it up and crash your NAS.

yeah, a ddos attack is a problem, as well as anything else. dmz is really a worse way to but my cloud into the net, but looks like theres no other chance.
one thing I wont understand: why is the relay working for 12 hrs (or maybe a few more) when it’s not in DMZ ? and why is the dashboard still saiing: connected in relay, even if I can’t access anymore after these hours?