MyCloud Omits MP4 Video File Names As PS3 Media Server

The MyCloud is really messing with my calm when it comes to serving my PS3, which is my bridge for basically all of my digital media to my home theater.  It has a tendency to omit any numerical naming convention that you may use for MP4’s for some reason. For example, an AVI file might read appropriately as follows:

S01E01 - Turtles Tracks.avi

S02E02 - Enter the Shredder.avi

S02E03 - A Thing About Rats.avi

however, if you have MP4’s titled exactly the same way (i.e., S01E01 - Turtle Tracks.mp4) it wipes out your Season 01 Episode 01 naming convention and screws up the entire series order so that it would be like this instead:

Enter the Shredder.mp4

S01E03 - A Thing About Rats.avi

Turtles Tracks.mp4

WD’s outside-of-the-U.S. tech support staff was of no help, basically walking me through your standard “dumb user” input of “update this firmware” and rename “this and that file” ending with “call us back if it doesn’t work”.

It might sound like a silly complaint, but it’s actually a nightmare because you will lose track of all of the order of your seasons of episodic series unless they are all basically in AVI format, which is absolutely an absurd problem.  It should be noted that there is no problem with this at all when these files are installed directly onto my PS3 hard drive and played, as opposed to be played wirelessly via the MyCloud.  These file names are not changed on the MyCloud drive either - they only omit the relevant information in the PS3 listing.

I’m guessing you’re using the DLNA client on the PS3, in which case the Twonky Media Server is actually using the metadata stored inside the file to display the title.

Update the metadata, and it’ll display whatever you want.

(In the case of AVI, AFAIK, it cannot have metadata so it must use the filename.)

If you don’t want to use the metadata, then you can delete the metadata and it will display the filename.

Thank you for trying to be helpful.

With that said I have checked the metadata and it hasn’t resolved the problem.

For example, one of my MP4 files which is titled “S01E01 - Turtle Tracks”, reads exactly the same thing in the “General” tab (S01E01 - Turtle Tracks) when I right click on it and choose “Properties”.  The name is also the same when I choose the “Details” tab.

Is there more to changing the meta data than I know how to do here?  I’m using Windows Vista when browsing the MyCloud where I’ve setup direct links to the drive files through the “My Computer” tab.

Thank you…

I responded with graphic info in your other thread, so let’s let this thread die and discuss it in the other thread.

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