MyCloud offline after app Restart!?

Hi, I was having issues connecting to my Mycloud via WD Discovery on my Mac following an update from OSX 10.15.3 to 10.15.4. After removing and then reinstalling the latest WD Discovery and still having issues I restarted the Mycolud device via the iPhone App and since then I can’t get it back Online.This was 3 days ago.

Before this and even and when I was having issues connecting via my mac I could still access the files perfectly via the iPhone App. I have double-checked network connection everything on that end is fine, I had been using this device perfectly for over a year & also restarted it via the app with no issue before but now for some reason i can’t get it back online.

When connected to the network I get the “Slow Breathing” white LED on the front and two solid green lights on Network Port.

Anybody have any ideas? I tried Power down Device, Router, Switch uninstall app etc still with no Luck :flushed:

Cheers in advance for the help,
(hope everyone safe & well in such crazy times)

Also as seen below the device shows up as connected and identified within my router settings. . .