MyCloud off-site backup


I recently bought the 3TB MyCloud to use as my main hard drive with all my photo,documents etc. The MyCloud will NOT be used as a backup to all files I have in my PC, instead I will use my PC similar to how I use my iphone or tablet).

I would therefore like to have an off-site backup solution for my MyCloud but this seemed to be more difficult to setup then I expected and any help would be very appreciated!

From digging into forums and articles I have been looking at the following solutions but also run into some issues.

Cloud back up via CrashPlan:
Can’t handle NAS-units in windows. Otherwise seemed like a very good solution. USD 60/year for unlimited cloud storage from one computer! 

Buy another MyCloud and place off site and have it mirror the first one:
Haven’t found any good example or description of this. Is it possible? Anyone that have any experience or know how to do it? Also,some sort of functionality to retrieve deleted files is needed. I guess a pure mirror would not save me if I accidental deleted all my photos?

T he “brute- force” Back up solution…
Fetch my external HD from my off-site location, manually transfer all files from myCloud to the HD and take it back to the off-site. Would like to avoid this as I suspect I’m to lazy to keep this going…

Backing up a NAS off site should be a fairly standard thing I would have guessed? Not to familiar with backups (or even networks in general) so I might be missing something basic? All help and/or comments on possible solutions are very appreciated!


There is a solution to add NAS backup  in crashplan via mounted network drive: