MyCloud off site backup / sync


I have read a few posts about remote backup but they all seem concerned with backing up PC files to MyCloud and gaining remote access or backing up to Dropbox etc.

My situation is somewhat different and I have been unable to find a solution.

I have a simple MyCloud (not Gen2 or Mirror etc.)

I use the Mycloud as the working drive for a small office setup where 3 PCs are capable of opening and working on the business files stored on the MyCloud.

None of the PCs have important files and they are not backed up in any way, they are used simply as workstations.

I want to have another MyCloud in a remote location so that I can back up the business files stored on the office MyCloud and keep them safe.

Ideally I would like to copy the office MyCloud to the remote Mycloud and then have them sync whenever a file is changed on the office MyCloud but if this is not possible then a scheduled backup of changed files would also be OK.

I do not want to use Dropbox etc as those solutions make a copy of the MyCloud on the PCs which will only clutter up the PC drives (they are pretty basic machines).

Can anyone make suggestions?


Look into “rsync”, either search this forum, or look in the internet. Plenty of options. Some highlights…

  • rsync is a Linux command, most NAS run some light flavor of Linux
  • rsync runs over ssh
  • cron job to schedule when to run the rsycn script
  • Since you will need to open ssh to the internet, follow best practices, such as disabling root access remotely.