Mycloud not visible in my Mac


Off late Mycloud (Single Bay) is playing up and not visible.

I could see it connected to the router on the router dashboard and I could even ping it with successful result. However, I could not do any of the following:

  1. Open up the dashboard (in the browser)
  2. Not visible in the mac ifinder
  3. Not visible in the mycloud app (both on my mac and phone)

Unfortunately, there is no physical reboot button on the device…so, I resort to unplugging the power and connecting it back. The device is visible on all the above options for few minutes (10 - 15) but after that same problem as above.

Can anyone suggest a solution to save me from this…I’ve lot of important files on the device.:fearful:

Hi p.ravishankar,

You should try to check My Cloud device after the 4-second reset in this concern. You may follow below KBA to reset My Cloud device: