MyCloud not "seen" in disc utility to partition 2 TB disc

Cannot see MyCloud disc in disc utility (Max OSX 10.6 x ) to partition  MyCloud between Timemachine and File back up

I have been driven potty by not being able to “see” the 2TB hard disc in Finder now that I have rebooted / factory reset / hard cycle etc etc 

All I can see is Public. Time machine and Smartware in my Finder window and only as a Guest!  I try to log on as a Registered User and not a single password will work.  It asks for the password for my named “folder” or whatever it is on MyCloud  the access password to no effect. This is odd because I set it not to have a password this having happened last time when I did have a password which I knew was right.

The main issue is how do I get finder to “see” MyCloud so I can get disc utility to operate.  I did manage to get it to see it before I did a factory reset but cannot remember how.  Heeeeelp!


MyCloud is not an external usb disk, it’s a NAS, you can’t manage his partitions like internal or external usb disk.

You don’t see MyCloud partitions on your OS but you will see default shares and your created shares from MyCloud Dashboard.

Thanks, So summarising, I have a choice either of using it ONLY with Timemachine OR as a back up.  Therefore I will use it with Time machine and get another external drive elsewhere linked to it as my off site (in case of a fire) back up

Much appreciated!

I don’t say that.

I said you can’t partition it in a normal way (MyCloud OS take care of this).

You can map the shares it has and those you made to your OS (Mac) and use them as folders like you can do with other external devices (USB or ESATA, ect…).