Mycloud ...not possible to make backup outside home net!


it think that i’m able to do this, but , for example, i have a notebook and i need that some folder has to be always backuped, but it seems that i can make an automatic backup only if the notebook is inside the same network of WDCLOUD device. it is incedible, i tried with wd smartware , out the home net the smartware doesn’t find the wd device and doesn’t start the backup.

Can you help me ?

Thanks and excuse my poor english

Hi, this is currently not possible. You might be interested in using the Smartware Dropbox option to backup your files outside of your home network. You can also make the suggestion for the feature you request on the ideas section.

Would you please expand upon this answer.  It’s really not clear what you are saying is not possible now.

I also find it hard to believe that you may be recommending a Dropbox product/service.  I am fully aware of Dropbox but I did not buy your WD MyCloud device to be told to use Dropbox…I can use Dropbox all on my own, without your suggestion.

I am trying to access my WD MyCloud device from a remote Mac, which I thought was totally possible, so I can create a TimeMachine backup of a remote device.  So far, though, I am having some other troubles, namely something about Java not working on Chrome or Firefox…but I am trying to use it on a brand new Mac with Safari.