Mycloud NFS protocol


How could I enable NFS protocol in Mycloud?? I am accessing from a raspxbmc and it is disable.

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NFS is enabled in MyCLoud you need to set a mount point in your linux distro.

Sorry but I am not so skill in linux. I went to add a new shared in NFS and I see my device but no shared folder inside, so I thought that it was disabled.

I would like to use it as a NFS server and also install torrent client.

The rest I already have it, users, FTP, shares, cloud shares, smartware…

Mount nfs shares are not so easy compared to windows but it could be done.

This is a wiki guide from XBMC:

I forgot to say that XBMC forums has a support section for Raspberry Pi users:


The problem with  NFS shares is an issue with XBMC, because it does not always find the share.

You can manually mount the share by just typing in:  nfs://yourmycloudip/yourfolder

So if your My Clouds IP address is and you want to add a folder named Videos you just need to type in


If he wants to use Raspberry Pi to be a 24/7 torrenting machine and XBMC media player he needs something more permanent and unattended.

I.E. as root in terminal:

mkdir  /shared


mount yourMyCloudIP:/nfs /shared

nano etc/fstab


add these lines at the end of fstab file:

#Entry for MyCloud NFS
yourMyCloudIP:/nfs /shared nfs default 0 0


save and exit editor.



Well, if he’s using Raspbmc, then the way I stated to mount the nfs share will be permanent in XBMC.

The method I described is the same way XBMC mounts the share if you use the “Browse” to add the NFS share, it is just a manual way of adding it instead of relying on XBMC to discover the share.