MyCloud NAS drive - can only accees media fiels from Windows 8.1 laptop

I have a MyCloud NAS drive attached to the router that I use for backups. I have never setup remote access - only need it from the house. When I access it from an old WinXP desktop or my wife’s Win7 laptop I can see the full folder structure: all our folders, backed up under the Public folder that was there when the drive was bought. I can still access it from those devices without any problems. Also have a SONOS system that accesses it okay.

It also worked the same from my Win8.1 laptop until a few days ago. Now either it is not visible in Explorer at all or I can only access some sort of web GUI that leads nowhere or, most often, I can see three folders of media files (audio, photos and video) but no other file types. It is driving me insane. I have tried everything that I can find on the web: checking network and Homegroup settings, adjusting credentials, deleting and reinstalling, rebooting. None of the changes I made to the Homegroup settings would save. I am using Kaspersky internet security for the firewall but none of the settings there seemed to make any difference.

I am not even sure what else to search the web for! If anyone has any suggestions on how to get at the folder structure and my files please can you let me know…!?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

before windows 8 there weren’t media support native on Windows…

you can access to your media file from your browser by typing http://nome_nas:9000 which any versions of windows