MyCloud Mybook and USB Hub

I have a 4TB Mycloud connected t a 4TB Mybook and I was wondering if I could put a Hub between the two and connect a PC/Raspberry Pi?

Since MYcloud personal does not have Plex support I was thinking about creating a plex server out of my raspberry pi and connecting it directly.  I understand that I won’t beable to read the MYCloud but I should be able to read the mybook.

MYcloud ----Hub—Mybook



                Raspberry Pi

         (running rasbpian with Plex)

Unless someone has easy instructions on how to Map a network drive in Raspbian.

Hi there,

The MyCloud unit does not connect via USB, so you would have to map the unit to the raspberry pi, lets see if another user can share some tips and information on this matter since i do not have this device i am not able to help out with this.