Mycloud music from android genre and album sorting

I have just started using MYcloud 2T. I have so far tranfered about 50 CDs to the drive. Using a Windows tablet I can happlly see the albums and by genre and by artist etc but I have yet to find an app that will run on my Android tablet that shows anyhting other than all of the albums. In other words I can’t look for albums in a partilcular genre on the Android tablet but I can nicely on my Windows PCs and tablet…

So is there an Android app which will let me view by genre, artist etc.

Hello G3RIR, welcome to the WD Community. Currently the WD My Cloud app doesn’t allow to do search based on genre but you can create playlists of your songs. You can make any suggestions in the ideas board for future updates.

Download bubbleupnp from Google play. It’s incredibly versatile and, should you wish, as well as searching via genre etc, you can create your own play lists.

Thanks for tip I have installed Bubbleupnp and it does just what I wanted. It gives me quite a few very useful indices on the music on Mycloud from my Galaxy phone. It also picks up the photos nicely. Thanks again, Neil

Glad to be of assistance Neil