MyCloud Mirror web locks up with WD MyBook 4TB USB Drive

Hello All,

My MyCloudMirror works just fine with no USB plugged in. But when I attach my 4TB WD MyBook drive I can still access the files but the web interface locks up. It works fine with several other USB drives attached 1.5TB and smaller.  WD replaced my drive and the new one does the exact same thing.

Even when I unplug the MyBook 4TB drive the MyCloudMirror still needs a hard power off before it will start working again.

If I start the web interface first then plug in the MyBook I see it when I click the USB icon on the top. But as soon as I click anything else I get a web site is not responding.

Anyone lese seeing this?

BTW I’m on 1.05.30 firmware.



Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

have you tried resetting the unit or doing a system only factory restore?

Been through all the factory resets and even had a replacement unit shipped. Which BTW has the exact same behavior.  I am awaiting a Level II support tech to help resolve this.

Thanks for the quick response.

It has been 5 months since I reported this issue. Case #[Deleted]

I have gotten NO response from WD other than "we are looking into it, any fixes would be in the next release of the firmware.

This is highly frustrating since I’m using a WD MyBook 4TB drive in the USB port. If I unplug it and reboot the MyCloud Mirror the web access works just fine. I plug it back in and the web access stops working within 10 seconds or so.

I wiish someone at WD would take this seriously. I’ve seent detailed logs, been on the phone with support multiple times, reset the machine many times, had it replaced once and the replacement has the exact same behavior.

I’m really surporised that no one else is having the same problem.

Sorry I bought WD.

Support has been lacking for sure…

Mike Roberts

It shouldn’t be a capacity issue. I’ve got a 5TB elements drive hanging off my MCM (plus a 1TB Seagate Desktop give too) and the web interface has no issues at all with them (although Quickview does show the Elements drive as 86% full when it has 3.12TB free of 5TB according to the dashboard).

Along those lines, how full is your 4TB drive, and how does it show up under Quickview? I’m wondering in my case how Quickview is going to report my 5TB drive ones it does get more full - could it be that your MCM is having problems if your drive is more full and so it’s seeing it as >100% full?