MyCloud Mirror takes an inordinate amount of time to load. Can’t access Dashboard

I’d thought my issue was solved in the other post, but tonight I started to have the same issues. Reposting my other post below:

My MyCloud Mirror Gen 2 8TB has been acting up recently. I haven’t made any changes to settings or anything, and I rely on it solely for Plex. If anything has been out of the ordinary, I have been adding more movies to it than usual, but I wouldn’t suspect file transfers be the root of slowing it down this considerably.

Recently, I noticed that Plex was having a hard time finding the metadata and cover art for movies that I’d just added. I thought that was my main issue, and I attempted to solve it by reinstalling the Plex app and rebooting the drive, but I have so far been unable to do that. When I log into the dashboard in a browser (be it Firefox or Chrome), it takes a very long time for it to load even the login screen. Getting past that proves to be a challenge as well. The elements tend to only half load and sometimes they don’t even become clickable. In one instance, I was able to navigate to the Apps screen and select the Plex software to install, but by the time that the page fully loaded, my login had timed out and I had to start the process over again.

Everything looks good in the dashboard if and when it does load as you can see here ( although even though I am doing nothing on the drive at the moment, the CPU and RAM look to be running high. Is there any way to get logs or something from the drive to see if there’s something up with it?

Is this a known issue? Is there anything that I can try to troubleshoot that someone recommends?

Hi Jeffreyabr,

Slow performance of a My Cloud dashboard can occur when the unit is busy or under a load indexing content, performing backups or building thumbnails.

You should also have a loot at link below to collect the logs: