MyCloud Mirror sync with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Apple iCloud or others?

Right now, the product website only promises a very limited form of Dropbox integration: “Transferring files to and from Dropbox, using the app”.

To be clear, what I (and other users) are looking for is the ability to automatically mirror the contents of our _entire_ Dropbox onto a directory on the MCM, so that any time I added a file to my Dropbox from anywhere, it would immediately be copied down onto the MCM, without any additional effort on my part.

Is that specific functionality available (or planned)?

I vote for this feature to be implemented. It will be extremely useful.

I’m waiting for the other services, like OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Google Disk…

Right now Smarware only have Dropbox…

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i like my MyCloud ex2 device! Having the possibility to connect to the ever growing OneDrive would make me LOVE IT! Michael

I’ve just tried to establish an own solution for Unfortunately, there is no official CLI client for Linux PowerPC. So I tried to compile my own and successfully bricked my NAS. This in turn showed me yet again, how important it would be to have a functioning cloud backup. However, it should be really important to do it in an encrypted manner. I could imagine that for most users having Dropbox safepoints wouldn’t suffice.

I would love to have Google Drive integration to where I could have my EX4 back up files automatically to my Google Drive account.

I would so much love to be able to sync with OneDrive… =(

I completely agree and support the idea. I just bought the Amazon Cloud Drive service (unlimited space for 60$/year) and I’d love to sync some of my folders between Amazon and WD Cloud Mirror.

It has a cloud backup possibility with Amazon S3 service but not with the new Amazon Cloud Drive.

Is it possible WD develop the backup with the new Amazon service in a next future?

I’ll appreciate some answer from WD moderator.


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I am looking for a product that does this. I will buy 2-3 units for my family if this is implemented.

Great!  It’s what I’m looking for! I need it since I bought my NAS!  Thanks


You really need to act on this now, It’s a critical flaw in an otherwise good NAS, and it’s something that is becoming more or less standard. 

And a no brainer of a product line extension.   WD has us all hooked on hardware, which is stickier than software or web based stuff.  Why not up sell us a tailored backup web service as an add-on?  That way, they they have two hooks into us, and not just one.

There’s a Dropbox app now for the NAS, but I have yet to make it work. 

Dropbox is a good step forward but lack OneDrive and Google Drive. From reviewing the Net to optimize the transfer rate, increasing it by slowing it down at night and during periods chosen by the user according to his workload.

It is useful to make visible the percentage of loading and unloading, which is critical when the size of the documents are of many gigabytes, as in the video, and provide long waiting times.

@ shamurai:

The Dropbox only backups your content on your local drive on a pc, not the content on the NAS (which is whats requested here as I understand it). 

Not exactly. :smiley:
Western Digital recently introduced the Dropbox app in My Cloud Mirror, which works, for work, but could be improved to optimize the use of the multimedia system.:heart:

I think this is an excellent idea.  The ability to have your NAS (WDMyCloudEx4100) sync with Google Drive as a backup source is awesome.  The app should have the ability to sycn to gdrive, onedrive, etc.  I found an  app or something similar that WD might be able to create and/or use, but don’t know if it works.

I bought a MyCloud because I mistakenly thought (on the advice of the salesperson) that I could use it to free up space on my laptop by saving all my files to MyCloud, and from there they would automatically sync to dropbox (so I would no longer need to keep my huge dropbox folder on my laptop) - meaning if my house burnt down - new laptop, new MyCloud, and everything would be restored.

If I find another device that can do this, I will definitely be swapping over. 

Together we are changing things, because synchronization between nas and remote services is essential to the expansion of the NAS UNIVERSAL SYSTEM DATA BACKUP, without stifling the hard drive of our computer.

Dropbox app needs to improve and that’s the link:

Onedrive, Google Drive and others may be early application of our personal nas.

Why is the Dropbox app only available to mycloud mirror and not the standard mycloud?