MyCloud Mirror sync with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Apple iCloud or others?

Can the administrators of the community respond? Thanks

This idea has been acknowledged and is currently under review for consideration to be implemented into this product.

:womanvery-happy: Many thanks for a bright future of your products that meet the needs of users.

It would be awesome to be able to backup my data to my Google Drive account!

 This is a no brainer…i want to be able to pick any file on my android phone and send it to my cloud…why lock us into music or pictures only. also want to pick any folder on the phone i want.

This is the one thing that stands in the way of this device being simply amazing. I love my ex2, but if another company came along with a similar device that could auto backup to a cloud service of my choosing (onedrive) i would switch in an instant.

Western Digital has every incentive to add these solutions in its Nas that are designed to install applications that perform tasks independently and the same thing could be achieved by improving the firmware.
The slow speed of ADSL is a workhorse to provide an all-in-one for patrons.

I just want a MyCloud Mirror that will sync with a second MyCloud Mirror drive I purchase but leave in a remote location like my In-Laws house so if my House burns down I don’t lose everything and I am not tethered to another online Cloud service that I have to pay for.

Excellent Idea! It will be great to have that functionallity in the service. 


I’m excited for the support of our community, thank you! :heart:

Great idea, please implement.

I know at least a few folks whou would jump on the device if there was wider choice for cloud backup like Onedrive or Google.

We just got one of these units for our office and we are very impressed by the performance and easy of setup. There is one feature we will really love to have and it is the ability to backup to a cloud service like DropBox, OneDrive or Google Drive.

Please make it happen!. Thank you!

We have Dropbox, hopefully onedrive and google drive won’t be far behind. This is a major feature I want in a nas and I know many other ppl that would jump ship to WD for this too.

Exactly what I want. Please tell me this is ( or soon will be) an option? Specifically OneDrive

great idea! this is what we were waiting for.

Right now, the product website only promises a very limited form of Dropbox integration: “Transferring files to and from Dropbox, using the app”.

To be clear, what I (and other users) are looking for is the ability to automatically mirror the contents of our _entire_ Dropbox onto a directory on the MCM, so that any time I added a file to my Dropbox from anywhere, it would immediately be copied down onto the MCM, without any additional effort on my part.

Is that specific functionality available (or planned)?

I vote for this feature to be implemented. It will be extremely useful.

I’m waiting for the other services, like OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Google Disk…

Right now Smarware only have Dropbox…

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i like my MyCloud ex2 device! Having the possibility to connect to the ever growing OneDrive would make me LOVE IT! Michael

I’ve just tried to establish an own solution for Unfortunately, there is no official CLI client for Linux PowerPC. So I tried to compile my own and successfully bricked my NAS. This in turn showed me yet again, how important it would be to have a functioning cloud backup. However, it should be really important to do it in an encrypted manner. I could imagine that for most users having Dropbox safepoints wouldn’t suffice.