MyCloud Mirror power and drive leds constantly flashing after shutdown restart

This is my first post on here so Hi all…

I shutdown my drive prior to going away on hols…on my return I plugged the power lead in and waited…ever since then (5 days ago) the 2 drive LED’s and the power LED has been constantly flashing.

I have tried the 5 sec reset with the paperclip to no avail

The drive is 7% full as I have only just got round to populating it.

I can see the drive on my network in my computer but cannot connect to it through the dashboard as it wont connect. I unplugged the network cable 2 days ago as I read it could be indexing although I have turned off a lot of the bits and bobs to stop this happening.

Can anyone give me some help advice please…I was going to try the 40 sec paperclip reset but thought I should see if anyone out there has the same problem.

Thanks in advance


This is not normal, so I would recommend that you perform the 40 second reset.

Thanks for your reply it’s much appreciated. I take it no data will be lost using this method?