Mycloud Mirror offline

Good morning,

Sometimes when i want to remote acess my disk it gives a messagem that the disk is offline.

In home i can acess inside my network but not outside (by web). The solution is just disconect the network cable from the disk and reconect again.

Can anyone help me ?

Tanks in advance.

Sounds like it is losing the network connection to the router…but I’m not sure if that is what you are describing…since you are able to access it from inside the network always. In any event, I’d try assigning the Mirror a static IP on your router. It might alleviate the issue of network dropouts…but is also a good idea anyway. I cannot help you with the instructions on how to do that as each router’s web based admin interface is different…but you should consult your specific router’s manual or Google for that router’s model to see how to assign a static IP for that device. You will need to assign a static IP to the Mirror based on the Mirror’s MAC address, which is fixed, and therefore everytime it connects to the router, the router will see the same MAC address and assign it the fixed IP set aside for the device with that MAC address.

I was having the same problem with cloud access from outside the network.  I did two things so its hard to say which one fixed the problem but here they are;

I quit doing the port forwards in the router and set them up with the custom network port forwarding in the EX2. (As long as UpNP is working in your router you should have no problem here as the EX2 or Mirror will configure the ports in the router via UPNP) 

 I shut down WEBDAV since I dont need it right now.  WEBDAV uses port 8080 as well and could have been causing the conflict all along.

Aah, okay…reading Vertech1’s message made me understand what the original poster was talking about. I wonder/suspect that this could be caused by the relay service from WD’s servers going down briefly and once the link to EX2 is down, perhaps the UPnP service on EX2 is not smart to detect that loss of connection and still stays “connected” to the cloud service (relay service) And hence this the cloud link stays broken until a network cable reset, which forces the connections to reinitialize.

Since I do not like UPnP and do not use the cloud/relay service and rely solely on direct connections, port forwarding on my router has never caused any problems. I exchange very large files with a friend from several states away on a near-daily basis and my friend never has any issues connecting. Not even once has her connection failed to connect or timed out. That’s why I love a direct connection. Never bothered setting up the cloud service on my EX2.