MyCloud Mirror not connecting

Hi Everyone,

I have been using the MyCloud Mirror which was connected to my residential network with no issues. Works great and my laptop backs up as needed.

I recently upgraded my internet to business but the Mycloud Mirror is not connecting to the network.

When I scan the network I cannot see the drive therefore I cannot get into the dashboard.

If I go back to the residential network, I can then see the drive when I do a scan.

I am told by the internet provider that I now have a static IP address. But not sure how this works.

I am not verr technical when It comes to these issues, buit I would very much appreciate any assistance you can give me.

Thank you very much.

While it’s connected to your “residential” network, Log into the Mirror’s Web UI. 

Ensure the network mode is set to DHCP under SETTINGS - NETWORK.

Shut down the Mirror then connect it to your new network and power it back up.

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Thank you TonyPh12345,

Your advise worked brilliantly.

Kind Regards