MyCloud Mirror fills up my HDD

I have stored my latest pictures on the main HDD in my computer and the older pictures om a separate HDD connected to the computer. When I connected to the MyCloud Mirror with WD sync the folders from the separate HDD was copied to the “pictures” folder on my computer, filling it up to the limit and preventing any further storage there. I dont understand why this happens, and have had to remove those folders to free up storage space on my computer HDD.


Not sure how’s that possible, since the WD sync will copy the files on the computer to the Network drive.

Where those old pictures on your extern HDD also stored on your WD?

I believe I have the same problem. The WD tutorial indicates that the system can/will save up to five versions of the same file, and I’ve seen my drive fill up quickly, with date modifiers added at the end of each version of the same document … and even more frustrating, the mirror is back-writing to the original source hard drive and creating backups of what is on the WD MyCloud Mirror. When I first got my WD MyCloud Mirror, I was doing drag and drop for backup, then one of the WD techs recommended I use the WD sync feature instead, and that’s when the problem started. WD needs to have its developers make a readily accessible user option to turn off that archive feature and give the user an option to make it a one-way back up, as well as an option to keep only one archived version. I suspect the option may already be there, but if it is, it certainly isn’t intuitive.

I started with cleaning up my computer by copying the folders I wanted to store to the external HDD. I then deleted them from my computer while the external HDD was connected to the computer. Then I connected the WD to the computer and started the WDsync.
Then the folders I had deleted from the computer was back-copied to the computer HDD again, possibly because the external HDD no longer was connected to the computer, filling it up.

I see that in the description is stated that the WD Mycloud is maintaining exact copies of all the files, and maybe I have made a bad choice of backup device. I dont want the back-writing of the files to the computer, only safe storage of my files, and the ability to share them with my family on the network.

And it not only fills up my computer, but it also fills up it self with all the possible versions of the files. I started with transfering ca 250GB of files, this has now grown to 1,8TB, filling up the WDmycloud to the rim, making it useless for me.