MyCloud Mirror Dashboard Help Needed

I just bought a MyCloud Mirror.  The setting up is a breeze.  However, when I tried to access the dashboard, I encounter a problem.  An example is when I tried to add a new user by clicking on to the “+” sign, a new windows pops up and the whole screen dimmed.  Although I can vaguely read it, I cannot add anything or click on any of the active buttons.  The only way to get out of it is to reload the page and it will bring be back to the home page.  I am using Mac running on Yosemite  Can anyone help?

Hi SCNewbie, welcome to the WD Community. Have you tried using another web browser? 

Yes, tried safari and chrome.  still the same effect.  Tried reinstalling as well.  The problem still exist.

you might have an JavaScript error

can you open dev console on you browser : open chrome, open the page, press F12 a window on the bottom of the screen should appear go on Console tab, clear it

then press + or any fonction that is not working. if you see read line on console windows capture it and send them here … to see your javascript error

Thank you for the advice.  I did not manage to get to the console part.  However, when I switch the browser to Firefox, it works.  So seems that this will not work with Chrome or Safari but works with Firefox.  Strange.  Thank you for all your help.   Appreciated