MyCloud Mirror - compatibility with Apple Aperture VAULT

I have successfully copied my 190Gb Aperture vault to my MyCloud Mirror.

It tooks 2 days.

The copy is complete (i have unmounted the source drive which was a WD MyBook 1TB in one of the USB ports on the MCM), butt he activity lights are still running 12 hours later - is this ‘indexing’ the Vault?

And, can anyone confirm that the MCM will successfully operate as an Aperture Vault? I saw an older post suggesting that there might be an incompatibility - in which case it will go back to the seller…


Hi RJKflyer, welcome to the Community. That’s correct, the My Cloud Mirror media server will scan all the files. Haven’t tried using Aperture Vault, but lets see if other users can share some advice. 

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OK, good, thanks, so at least the additional (days of!) activty scanning are ‘normal’.

Yes please, be good for someone to confirm the suitability with Aperture Vault for sure.

Hi again, I did a quick search and found this, let me know if it helped. It seems to work but it is not recomended by Apple, but other users have been able to get it to work.

Yes, had alreday read those, and/but like so many forum posts, they’re a muddle of mixed messages.

No, a remote NAS is unlikley to perform correctly as an Aperture LIBRARY (well documented), but a remote NAS might work as a VAULT (not so well documented).

Let’s see if someone can shed some light on this.

On my MCM, the vault appears to be correctly stored, but I suppose only time will tell by either:

  1. Being able to back up to that Vault (i.e. effectively expanding it incrementally)

2, Havng to restore from it (gulp).