Mycloud Mirror Anti-virus essentials

This is not a 'first scan, but it has been going for four days, and is making my whole system almost unusable now. This is not satisfactory. i can’t get in to Dashboard to stop the scan or anything.

The first scan I did went on for a couple of weeks, I seem to remember. I have been advised that a first scan will take some time, but really this is ridiculous, especially since this is NOT a first scan!

Please can someone help??


What firmware version are you running on your unit?

If you try resetting the unit, stills the same?

Firmware revision is 2.10.310.

What I don’t know, as I am afraid to try, is if I do a shut down from the menu bar on the Mac, and then restart the drive, will that fix it?? I just think there must be something fundamentally wrong since it is still chuntering away to itself constantly over 5 days later.

Have you got a solution for the issue?

This app should take about an hour, so you are way over. It is just a scan; nothing is being written, so if it was me, I would just turn off the mirror or just unplug it. Try again later, and don’t wait so long to bail if things don’t work,