MyCloud Migrating for longer then "a few minutes"


my myCloud has been “migrating” for over an hour now. a message pops up saying that it is migrating and will be done in a few minutes…its been an hour or more. while it is doing this migrating, none of my files are accessible.

any idea what I should do?

@laxwow18 please wait for the migration process to complete.

thank you for that response.

I have already tried that. no success.

I have reset the device multiple times. no success.

I have called support. no success.

they only thing I guess I’m able to do is wait “a few minutes” for the migration to complete.

I will update you once this completes.

good Morning,

my device is still “migrating”…

i wish this “migrating” had a status bar so i could see how far along it is.

why is it “migrating”? where is it “migrating” my stuff to? and why can i not see anything while it is “migrating”?

@laxwow18 please open a support with us ASAP so that we can check the issue.
Can you also PM me the email address being used for

Hi. I am experiencing the same problem.
Half day and no way to complete this migration.