MyCloud mandatory firmware update

Got an email today from Western Digital advising a critical and mandatory update of my MyCloud my firmware to 5.25.132 or later by March 15 (2 weeks from now) before they block web access from! If you don’t update the firmware by then, you’ll have to download it from their site and update it manually before you can regain remote access.

Issue like this should have at least a 3 month advance notification!

I also received that mail today, but I’ve already have the latest firmware available, 5.26.119

What firmware do you currently have? Check to see what is available.
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I have an older firmware version but I downloaded the current one. Problem is, my two old MyCloud boxes are at my kids’ houses and I won’t be seeing them for several weeks. So I downloaded the file and will update it manually next time I see them.

Have they turned off automatic update?

Yes. Had several failed updates bricking the drives. Know better now!