MyCloud lost its purpose?

Is the idea of NAS dead. Has the real Cloud (azure, dropbox, etc) made it obsolete?

I’ve had a WD NAS for at least 10 years. I’m on my second and the first one is still in service too. These are long lived, mostly reliable devices. But with OS 5 I don’t understand the direction they’ve taken. For instance, the deprectation of the capacity pie graph. I used that all the time and there is no apparent replacement for that. I have audio and video on my NAS and I access it through Plex.

However, I do backups of my laptops to the NAS too. By far, that is the biggest storage hog. And the capacity graph was THE tool to know when I needed to currate the old back-ups.

Are you saying that there are better tools for that now? What is the experience for any new buyer? What is the main purpose of the NAS from WD’s point of view because as a user is no longer apparent to me?

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Thanks for the information.

I see utility in the graph - perhaps putting central to the dashboard is a performance hit. Offering it some where would still have utility in my scenario.

I don’t use Acronis but maybe I’ll try it.

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If you trust the cloud and if you agree not to access anything should you lose the internet connection, you don’t need a NAS.
If you trust handing your wallet, home keys, car keys to anybody in the street without knowing them, then you don’t need a NAS.

I think that a NAS still makes a lot of sense.

Yeah. . … online data storage. . .

  • miss a payment for a month. . .
  • have a credit card glitch.
  • Vendor disappears
  • Have your online vendor suddenly change their “offering”. . . . (Looking at you Google)

All your data gone in a flash.

Remember: Terms of service can be changed by your vendor without warning, and without recourse (other than cancelling the service)

THAT is the use case for having your own NAS.

Not that a Home NAS is a guarantee either.

  • NAS can be wiped out with a lightning strike.
  • NAS can be wiped out with a well timed firmware update. (looking at you WD)
  • NAS hardware can fail.

This is why you should have a backup for your NAS (Preferably offsite)

Nobody cares about your data like you do.

“Life is Hard. It’s harder when you’re stupid”

I see some validity to this “it’s your data” POV.