MyCloud login - where is it stored and purpose?

WD make a big deal about having a personal cloud under your control and staying away from the public cloud etc.

I’ve noticed recently that there’s a a MyCloud user name and password option. Where are these credentials stored and what security issues if any should one be concerned about?


Which My Cloud location you mean? The My Cloud device at your home or the web portal?

My Cloud username and password for login into the web interface of your My Cloud is stored on the My Cloud device itself.

The account information to login to is stored on the My Cloud servers where the account details for your personal My Cloud access are stored too. But the login credentials to access your My Cloud device at home via Internet aka My Cloud universe is stored again on your local My Cloude device in your home network. is the portal page to access your My Cloud device at home, the login credentials at are not the same or may not be the same as you use for your device at home.

It’s the request for email address and password at the login screen after you open the app. I assume that this is to the web portal? You can bypass it by “connecting to local device”.

I do have a concern about credentials residing on an external server from a security and privacy point of view. Are the servers located in the USA?