MyCloud locks up

I’ve got a 3Tb mycloud that seems to lockup every 1 or 2 days requiring a power cycle to fix it, I saw a thread about losing connection and this may be the same issue but I could not find a resolution to that issue. I know the unit has locked up since all logging activity ceases ( I was on vacation and there was no logs for 2 weeks, even though the unit was on, connected to a ups and when I returned the status light was a nice solid blue). Also unplugging the ethernet cable does not cause the status light to blink amber like it does when the unit is working normally. I’m not too familiar with linux so most of the logs are cryptic to me but looking at the time stamps it appears that it always crashes around 3 in the morning.


I would recommend updating the firmware of your WD My Cloud to the latest available version. Firmware revisions improve performance and may include additional features.

Hi there,

I was going to start my own thread but may as we’ll respond to this as I have the exact same issue. I’ve had his NAS for over a week now and pretty much every evening when I want to use it I have to reboot it. It’s got the latest firmware on it so there has to be something fundamentally wrong with his device? What makes it worst I upgraded to a WD after three years of using a LaCie with no faults at all.

Can WD come up with better support other than update firmware which is usual as good a response as rebooting a device??


I already have the latest firmware installed. Still looking for a solution. I’m going to try a factory restore and see what happens.