MyCloud local LAN speed slow after connected to internet router

My computer is connected to the LAN which is also connected to the MyCloud through a D-link switch. I mapped the MyCloud to become a Drive on my computer for easy access. The transfer speed had been very fast until a new internet router provided by the ISP was connected to the same network recently. The router model is D-link DIR-842. Now my pc keeps accessing the MyCloud every 10 or 15 seconds and the response of MyCloud is very slow and this slows down the file saving process and computer speed. The speed goes back to normal when I unplug the router LAN cable. The problem definitely comes from the router but I couldn’t rectify what will be the exact cause.

Has anyone encountered the same problem before? And what was your solution?


@Maxcruiver I own my router which is a Linksys. See image below.


Do you own a 1st or 2nd generation My Cloud?

Hi, I’m not sure it’s 1st or 2nd generation. Please check the picture attached.

@Maxcruiver Firmware 02.xx.xx is 2nd generation, firmware 04.xx.xx is 1st generation.

What type of router do you have. Are you connected with gigabit connections?

The firmware version is v04.05.00-327.

My router model is D-link DIR-842.

Just checked google, yes it’s a Gigabit router.

@Maxcruiver My next suggestion is to check and see if there are any changes you can make to the router that will help. See image from my router below. Also, are you on the Five GHz channel?

Update: I just did a test of uploading a movie from my desktop computer to my My Cloud 1st generation. I had not tried this since buying my new router. The speed varied from around 5 MBs to 90 MBs. See image below taken during upload. The total time to upload was around two minutes.


This is to my 2nd generation My Cloud, same movie, and took only a little over one minute to transfer. The speed never dropped below 60 MBs.


This image is of my wi-fi adapter for my desktop computer.


Run some speed tests from multiple computers using software like Crystal Disk Mark ( to get an idea of what types of network speed you are achieving when copying files to/from the My Cloud.

As a troubleshooting step (if it hasn’t been done already) disconnect (including wireless) all other devices except one computer and the My Cloud and run speed tests again.

Other troubleshooting steps. Hard wire as many devices as possible to the router or gigabit network switches. WiFi can often times (for a number of reasons) be much slower than using wired Ethernet. Put the My Cloud on a network switch. In remote cases there is a conflict between the network router and the My Cloud causing issues. Make sure the computer supports gigabit networking. Some computers (mostly cheaper laptops) may not support gigabit networking, instead they only support 10/100 speed.

An example of a wired gigabit computer speed to a first gen v4.x My Cloud (using 8TB WD Red Drive) using gigabit networking.