MyCloud keeps old indexes, how do I make them go away?

I have a WD EX2 Ultra with MyCloud OS5. I had an external drive plugged into it, it just contained some old pictures and videos, from before I had the NAS. I just wanted to run it through it so I could access them remotely. When I plugged it in, naturally, the NAS immediately started indexing everything. Recently, I got a new drive to keep those contents on, so I ejected the drive from the NAS, hooked it directly to my PC along with the new external drive, and copied everything over (safer than moving). I plugged that new drive into the NAS and it works no problem, except one thing; it indexed this new drive fresh and kept the index from the old drive. If I search for a specific file, it’ll appear in the results twice even though there’s one one of it. One will be the one on my new drive, the other will be the one indexed from the old drive. The info for the new one shows the proper location when I look at the info, but when I look at the info for the old one, where it’s normally the name of the external drive is a series of random numbers and letters. If I try to download, delete, move, or do anything with the file, MyCloud says there’s an error. I ejected the new drive as well and searched for a file, still got two results. Only this time, both had a series of random numbers and letters instead of a proper drive name and neither could be downloaded, moved, deleted, etc. It seems to be memorizing what’s on each drive and showing ghosts. This only happens in MyCloud, if I search through file explorer, everything is as it should be. How do I make the ghost files go away?


Please refer to the following KB article: Best Practice for My Cloud OS 5 Cloud Access and Indexing

That didn’t help me at all.