MyCloud iOS app not working!

The WD MyCloud app I have on my iPhone and iPad was working perfectly until I upgraded to iOS9. No when I open the app, it connects to my WD Drive on my network but within a few seconds the app crashes. It does this every time on both iPad and iPhone 6.

When are you going to fix this app guys?

Is this happening on both WiFi and your data plan?

Thanks for responding. Normally I only access my WD drive over WiFi but your question prompted me to try turning wifi off and access the drive over 3G. To my surprise it seems to work fine! When I turn wifi back on it crashes again. What does that mean?


this may be related to the new “Wifi Assist” in iOS 9,

More about this assistant:

Yeah, I wondered about that. I turned wifi assist off in my iPhone settings. Sadly it still crashes. The only other thing that is different is that I now use a BT Homehub 5 wifi router (before I had Sky Broadband). Could it be something in the BT router that’s causing the MyCloud app to crash?

a crshing app on an Apple device seems not to be related with any wifi router - but who knows…
I don’t know your router, so maybe somebody else here in our forum can help and assist.


The reported issue of My Cloud Mobile App crash on iOS is a top priority for our mobile device team.

Have you tried to disable the auto-backup feature?

  • clear the app cache
  • open the app
  • go to settings and disable auto-backup
  • close and open the app

Samuel Brown

Thanks for this advice. There does seem to be an acknowledgement here that there is a problem with the app?

How do I clear the app cache?


It means:

  • user reports a problem
  • problem has been escalated
  • anything that mentions “crash” is a top priority

How To Clear App Cache

  • Open the app
  • click the icon in the upper left corner (three bars)
  • click “Settings”
  • click “Clear Cache”

Thanks. The app is working again now that I cleared the cache and turned the auto backup (photos) feature off.

I appreciate your help :slight_smile:

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