MyCloud inaccessible


Since about December 22nd, I have been unable to access McCloud from Mobile app or Desktop app, or even from browser login (

The device I use to connect will show the app attempting to connect and will then say connection failed.

I have attempted to reboot the WDEX2, reboot my router, but nothing has worked. I can still access my file shares inside my network without the usage of my cloud or any apps.

Could this be due to the December 21st Driver Update? My device did upgrade to 2.11.157 on December 21st according to the dashboard. It was from then on that the apps quit working.

Thank you!

Hi there,
firmware 2.21.126 is available since a while, update yr firmware to see if you can fix the problem.

Now 2.2.157 available get that. Title says 153 but the download page is giving 157. Must update since some remote access vulnerability is getting fixed here.


I just update the driver, but have not update the firmware now having the same issue. The drive can be found in network.

But failed when using mycloud browser login.

Can someone help?

Want to update the firmware, already download the file but no access to mycloud browser.