MyCloud: Ideas to Improve or Reasons not to Buy Them

Hi. I have a few MyCloud products. Many were donated (thank you) but guys, we have some huge things that need to be fixed.

  1. HTTPS!!! Most people don’t care, most people don’t know what it is (your target demographic) but HTTPS is a simple improvement to connect to the dashboard etc. on your LAN. Why has this gone untouched for almost a decade?

  2. You shouldn’t have to know linux commands to shut down your NAS. Many models, I will use the EX4100 for example (the newer firmware version 2.x.) Does not have an option (unless a trick is known) to safely shut the device down. SSH voids the warranty according to a support rep I spoke with yesterday. I would be happy to send the log. Either put the button there, or explain how it’s done. You have to “put the device into hibernate mode, pull out the Ethernet cable, and then the power cable.” In order to safely shut it down? Uh, I will go with another company.

  3. SSH is a great thing…Why is it even listed at an option if it voids the warranty of your NAS units? Not even a warning if you turn it on, or god forbid, connect via SSH. Use it or lose it.

I know I am being harsh…But these could all cause data loss. I know it is not 1998 anymore, but can you show just one bit of customer appreciation in these products? I care about the every day user. I code. Are you hiring?

There is a Warning, on the Dashboard … hover over the (i) Next to SSH … and it seems loud and clear to me

Loud and clear that it “voids your warranty?” I think not.

Enabling and using SSH does not automatically “void your warranty”

Enabling and Using SSH… may void your warranty, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing, and you brick it.